Arthur Murray Announces AdMeTech Foundation’s Dance for a Cure of Prostate Cancer

Arthur Murray Announces AdMeTech Foundation’s Dance for a Cure of Prostate Cancer

The following is being released today by AdMeTech Foundation:

WHAT: Arthur Murray International (AMI), the world’s-largest dance organization, issued a national appeal to all 185 dance studios located across the United States to support AdMeTech Foundation’s Dance for a Cure of Prostate Cancer, a public awareness and fundraising campaign. “We invite you, your staff and students to join us in the fight against this life-threatening disease as we declare April 2011 to be Dance for a Cure of Prostate Cancer Month in the Arthur Murray Dance Studios,” said Mr. John Kimmins, President and Thomas Murdock, Vice President in their formal letter to the franchisees. VIP tickets for the Grand Finale of the ABC TV’s Dancing with the Stars will serve as a grand prize to the top participant and will be awarded by Nick Kosovich, a former professional cast member and a choreographer of this megahit show. “Dance for a Cure is about the ballroom dancing community coming together to fight prostate cancer,” commented Mary Murphy, a celebrity judge of the Fox TV’s So You Think You Can Dance.

“I would strongly urge that every man make a contribution to this cause. It may contribute to your future quality of life as well as your longevity,” responded John Frabotta, a student of AMI from Natick, Massachusetts.

The goal of Dance for a Cure is to support research and education for creating ManogramTM: life-saving prostate cancer imaging for men. Similarly to mammograms in women, ManogramTM will improve early detection which is critical for cure of prostate cancer. Dr. Faina Shtern, AdMeTech Foundation’s President commented: “Prostate cancer epidemic strikes as many as 1 in 6 men and leaves no family, no community untouched in this country. Arthur Murray International – with support from Mary Murphy and Nick Kosovich – had set a new record of leadership in public awareness and support for ending this health care crisis.”

WHY: Prostate cancer is the most common major malignancy in this country and has become even more common than breast cancer (which strikes 1 in 8 women). And yet, prostate cancer has not been recognized as a national priority, research funding is lagging behind and men do not have reliable diagnostic tools akin to life-saving mammograms. The impact is staggering: An American man dies every 16 minutes, even though prostate cancer can be cured when detected early. African American men are 60% more likely to be stricken and 250% are more likely to die. The lack of accurate diagnostic tools compromises the quality of life in millions of men and adds billions of dollars to health care costs.

WHO: John Kimmins, President, Arthur Murray International and Thomas D. Murdock, Vice President for Marketing and Promotions are among the key leaders of the worldwide dancing community. Mary Murphy is a judge on the Fox TV’s So You Think You Can Dance. Nick Kosovich is a former world champion in ballroom dancing, as well as a former cast member and a current choreographer for ABC TV’s Dancing with the Stars.

ABOUT ARTHUR MURRAY INTERNATIONAL (AMI) : AMI is the world’s-largest dancing organization and second oldest national franchise, known internationally as a prominent entertainment company with over 220 franchises located throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Europe, the Middle-East, Japan, Africa and Australia. (

ABOUT AdMeTech Foundation : A Boston-based nonprofit organization providing international leadership for ground-breaking programs in research, education and public awareness to expedite advancement and implementation of imaging technologies for early detection and treatment of prostate cancer. AdMeTech’s Dance for a Cure of Prostate Cancer is modeled after Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Race for the Cure of Breast Cancer and was established in partnership with Arthur Murray in 2008. (

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