Arthur Murray Kenilworth: Ballroom Dance Tips

Arthur Murray Kenilworth: Ballroom Dance Tips

Our friends in Arthur Murray Kenilworth posted some great advice for every ballroom dancer!

From their blog post titled: How to Keep Time to Music and Develop your Sense of Rhythm

There is a mistaken impression that learning to keep time to music is difficult.  This unfortunate belief that one has “no sense of rhythm” keeps many people from enjoying the pleasures of dancing. If you can march to band music, if your foot can beat time to ordinary dance music, you have well enough sense of rhythm to enjoy dancing. Everyone was born with a sense of rhythm. Nine out of ten good dancers do not know one note from another, but they can keep time. Knowledge of music is not necessary in order to keep time to music…

But you’ll have to visit Kenilworth’s Site to learn the secret!

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  • February 6, 2012

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