Arthur Murray Lexington – Ballroom & Playing Dress Up

Arthur Murray Lexington – Ballroom & Playing Dress Up

Arthur Murray in Lexington has a unique portion of their website which highlights the connection between fashion, dance, society and provides what we have to admit is one of the most overlooked reasons to get involved in ballroom dancing: You get to play dress up.

Its perhaps a lamentable result or progress in the world- but gala events and formal occasions have become less and less frequent over the years. One hundred years ago when the Arthur Murray schools began ballroom dancing was an essential element to social engagements. With everything from school dances to corporate gatherings and political rallies often including a dance floor it was imperative that socialites knew at the very least how to Waltz and owned one tuxedo or gown.

But times change- and with the exception of weddings most of us find that even if we still own that tux or gown we have fewer and fewer places to wear it. Well, everyone except Arthur Murray students. As Lexington’s website suggests:

Students at Arthur Murray Dance Studios throughout the country are arriving for their weekly practice sessions in floor-length ballgowns.

Dressing up is part of the fun of taking lessons, feeling as if you have taken a mini-vacation from the everyday world into a fun, vibrant party every week.

Its true! We don’t expect our students to wait until our Dance-O-Rama events to put on their fancy threads! Every week our studios are throwing parties where students are encouraged to wear their best.

As Lexington puts it:

Taking an Arthur Murray Dance Vacation can be a Chill-Out, Cool-Off evening fantasy, without leaving town.

Practicality is another aspect behind the trend. “After all,” said one student, “If I’m going to dance ballroom in a ballgown, I had better get my steps in place when my hemline is long!”

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