Arthur Murray Little Rock – An Open Letter To Grooms

Arthur Murray Little Rock – An Open Letter To Grooms

Arthur Murray in Little Rock, Arkansas wrote a very interesting blog a while back which we’d love to share.

In “An Open Letter To Grooms” our teachers discuss the importance and the rewards of taking ballroom dance lessons in preparation for a wedding.

Every year thousands of couples pass through Arthur Murray studios to prepare for their first dance as husband and wife. For most, the focus is on “getting through” the big day. Most of these students don’t realize they are setting the foundation for a lifetime of dance. Just because the wedding ends does not mean couples suddenly forgot how to hold each other or move their feet!

As our Arkansas teachers wrote, “This is going to be your First Dance as man and wife. The first of many.
Just imagine how many weddings, parties, birthdays, nights out, anniversaries, quiet nights at home, and vacations are in your future. Now imagine feeling comfortable leading your wife around the floor every single time. Imagine her looking into your eyes, smiling and feeling like the most important person in the world while dancing in your arms. ”

Wonderful sentiment!

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  • January 4, 2012

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