Arthur Murray NYC’s Checklist for Dance Competitions

Arthur Murray NYC’s Checklist for Dance Competitions

Faina and Bob dancing in Vienna at Dance-O-Rama Arthur Murray NYC posted an amazing blog last week which was a six point checklist of what to do 10 weeks before a dance competition.

Please read the full list here:

Our favorite is number 5:

5. Watch a video from your last dance competition.

Practicing your dancing in front a mirror is very helpful for feedback while you are dancing. Watching a video provides a different kind of feedback that is also tremendously valuable because you are not also trying to dance at the same time. If you don’t’ have a video from your last performance or have not competed before, try to have a friend video tape you. Most ballroom dance competitions now have professional videographers who can focus on you during your competition.


Many students and franchisees love to watch and share video from previous events. These videos hold intrinsic value, however, beyond just documenting a wonderful time. You can play and replay these videos to check your footwork, your style and learn what your strengths and weaknesses were in a performance so you know what to focus on.

Thanks Arthur Murray NYC!

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