Arthur Murray Santa Barbara: Students teach the teachers!

Arthur Murray Santa Barbara: Students teach the teachers!

Our featured school today is Arthur Murray in Santa Barbara

Last week they shared a touching blog about just how much the teachers can learn from the students in an Arthur Murray lesson. You read that right, the teachers can learn from the students.

Santa Barbara blogged, “In our line of work, we never know who will walk through our door and allow dancing to become a part of their lives. We are blessed by our greatest teachers each and every day, our students. Each person we come in contact with gives us a gift just by being at the studio for any length of time.” 

They proceed to tell a heartwarming story about their student Mr. Lint, a humble and upbeat dancer who never had an unkind word for anyone. For Mr. Lint, what others might consider failure (not coming in first place at Dance-O-Rama) was nothing more than a reason to practice more. For Mr. Lint dancing was not something you could win, or master, dancing was simply something you do- and do as well as you can.

Mr. Lint’s good nature rubbed off on the Santa Barbara instructors who had the following to say about his tenure: His spirit lives on in the way that I teach, tempering exactness with humor and a sense of adventure.

So today we send out our thanks to our teachers in Santa Barbara- and our students worldwide. Arthur Murray is more than a dance studio or a method, Arthur Murray is a community. Cheers!


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  • December 27, 2011

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