Arthur Murray Seattle – Loved By Students

Arthur Murray Seattle – Loved By Students

Arthur Murray in Seattle, like all of our dance studios, generates a lot of love from their students. We were extremely pleased to see that Seattle has posted a number of letters from students on their website.

One in particular stands out and highlights what we at Arthur Murray strive for and what our unique teaching system provides: Community, Care and of course high quality lessons.

Best thing You Can ever do for yourself! by Sarah D.- 07/14/2011

I cant begin to express how happy I am about our decision to have dancing as part of our lifestyle. We have been to a couple other studios and didn’t really have great experiences. We heard so much about Arthur Murray and their reputation…so we tried them as our last resort. We are very pleased with their level of professionalism and their utmost sincere friendliness towards everyone. They are very patient with us…we are not the most talented couple! And all the other students there are equally friendly and very supportive of one another. I gotta say, the staff there have shown me more care and concern than people I know and work with!

Our thanks go out to Seattle for demonstrating the quality and signature style that Arthur Murray is famous for and also our heartfelt appreciation for Sarah D. and her fantastic letter!

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  • January 18, 2012

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