Arthur Murray Student Writes Heartfelt Blog: “totally changed my life.”

Arthur Murray Student Writes Heartfelt Blog: “totally changed my life.”

Cathy is an Arthur Murray student who tracked us down on Twitter (@arthurmurray) and asked us to read a blog she wrote (worth the read) about her 2 year dance anniversary. Well, we did and its one of the most rewarding stories we’ve seen in a while.

When Cathy walked into an Arthur Murray studio in St. Paul over two years ago she was just trying to “get out of the house” and maybe find a new hobby. She had no idea that her experience at Arthur Murray would “totally change” her life.

How did Arthur Murray change her life? The following quote from the blog says it all, really:

I’ve also made so many good friends with the other students. Going to the studio is an opportunity to catch up with people. I go to dinner and get together with them outside of the studio too. It’s like a whole another family for me – a family who understands me, knows what dance means to me, has a common interest with me, and just accepts me for who I am. The studio is where I feel most comfortable being me. And what’s weird to me is that people see who I truly am and think I’m fun, I’m funny, I’m smart, I’m talented, I’m kind and they enjoy being with me. That’s a whole reality I’m not used to experiencing.   

The last line is what made us smile. Not, of course, because Cathy wasn’t used to being accepted or comfortable with herself but because Arthur Murray happened to be the place where she found friends, family and a place to be herself. We have every confidence that even without Arthur Murray Cathy would have found this balance in her life- but we’re humbled to have been part of it all the same.

And Cathy- as we know you’re reading this blog, we’d just like to give you a personal message. Your blog is about how dancing, and the people you’ve met while dancing, have changed your life. But don’t forget that you’ve changed the lives of everyone around you. Your fellow students, your teachers, the first timers to whom you “pay it forward”. Thank you, Cathy and happy dance anniversary!

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  • January 30, 2012

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