Arthur Murray Party Hosts Buddy Holly & The Crickets

Arthur Murray Party Hosts Buddy Holly & The Crickets

In 1957 Buddy Holly & The Crickets performed on the Arthur Murray Party. It was unusual for a show like the Arthur Murray Party to include rock performers, but in this instance history is in Arthur Murray’s debt. While Buddy Holly & the Crickets performed on other television shows, the Arthur Murray Party footage is the only which still survives.

Kathryn Murray had some interesting remarks on their unusual choice of musical guest! She looked right into the camera, hands folded and the studio lights glinting off her gown and said: No matter what you may think of rock & roll, I think you have to keep a nice open mind about what the young people go for. Otherwise, the youngsters won’t feel you understand them.

Buddy Holly & The Crickets on The Arthur Murray Party



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  • January 6, 2012

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