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Arthur Murray Celebrates 100 Years of Teaching The World to Dance

ARTHUR MURRAY INTERNATIONAL CELEBRATES 100 YEARS OF TEACHING THE WORLD TO DANCE CORAL GABLES, FL – February 1 ‐ 2012 marks 100 years since a shy young man named Arthur Murray stepped onto the dance floor and into the history of American pop culture. Known best for the iconic Arthur Murray Dance Studios, Arthur Murray was a brilliant marketer and…

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  Arthur Murray Toronto recently unveiled their new social media website, solidifying their top spot in the Toronto dance community. Their new site educates users on the various dances taught as well as providing potential clients with information regarding the studios prominent history.  The Toronto Arthur Murray Studio links directly to social media sites including facebook, twitter, and features YouTube videos…

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Arthur Murray Woodland Hills Provides Coaching and Dance Classes with Danila Kartashov

On June 2 and 3 Danila Kartashov is offering personalized coaching lessons at the Woodland Hills Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Danila and Nuria own the Kenilworth, New Jersey local dance studio. Kartashov, who is originally from Russia, is an international professional dancer and has won numerous awards around the world.  Additionally, he is a Certified Examiner as accredited by the…

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FOR FATHERS AND MOTHERS DAY GIFTS, HERE’S A GREAT GIFT IDEA We can’t think of a better gift idea for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day than the gift of dance lessons.  From new parents who need a break from tending toddlers to parents of teens who need serious stress relief, Mothers and Fathers at every age and stage  will enjoy…

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