Dance Styles

The Three Way System

Private Lessons

PURPOSE: To develop technique and styling.

Your private lessons are the backbone of your program as they encompass any individual problems you may have with your dancing. Your instructor can give you personal attention and work at your individual pace covering crucial, dancing points such as: timing, control, posture, balance, foot and body alignments, style and technique.

Class Instruction

PURPOSE: To develop patterns, leading and following.

Group classes are the key to saving time in your quest to become a confident, fun partner. You will be learning new patterns while focusing on your leading and following skills. You will have the opportunity to dance with a variety of partners so you can practice leading and following the class material.

Practice Sessions (Dance Parties)

PURPOSE: To develop continuity and confidence.

Practice sessions are fun parties that allow you the time to PRACTICE!! They emulate nightclub settings so you can experience dancing on a crowded floor. Leading and following a variety of partners (beginners to advanced), will enable you to become a confident dancer quickly. Remember, to lead or follow your teacher is easy. Our goal is to train you to dance with any partner, good or poor, in any situation.