Gaithersburg’s Fantastic Students

Gaithersburg’s Fantastic Students

The Arthur Murray studio in Gaithersburg has some fantastic students. In truth, all those who come to an Arthur Murray studio to learn ballroom dancing are fantastic if you ask us! But Gaithersburg earned a bit of special mention today for placing a spotlight on their student’s stories about why they began dancing and how Arthur Murray has become part of their lives.

One veteran student, Annie Wichman, writes:

Many years have passed and the challenges still exist in learning new steps and improving my technique.  At this juncture in my life I need dancing to insure good health, flexibility and balance.  A dash of laughter now and then with my teacher Michael and Jonathan is a bonus.  Two teachers pour moi!  What can I say?

Christopher G. Byers had this to say about Gaithersburg:

I chose to dance to integrate, expand, challenge, and celebrate every aspect of my being – mental, physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. The team at Arthur Murray – Gaithersburg has been profoundly instrumental in helping me achieve these goals, and because of their cumulative positive energy, continuous support, and playful yet classy nature, they’re stuck with me indefinitely!

And finally, Retired Air Force Colonel John Zebelean had this to say:

Dancing is one of those activities that can be enjoyed at any age and at any level of ability though there is a tendency to want to increase ones competence, especially at the Gaithersburg Arthur Murray Dance Center which has more than its share of long time students. (I’ve been there for nearly 20 years and I’m not the longest attending student!) At the same time, dancing provides healthful exercise without the monotony of the treadmill or the knee-pounding of distance running. Many find dance music to be infectious and it energizes movement to rhythmic tempos that dissolves end-of-the-day fatigue. Hence dances like cha-cha, merengue, and swing can really get you moving while Viennese waltz or foxtrot accomplishes the same thing with the addition of graceful elegance.

With its fun-filled and superb teaching staff, the Gaithersburg Dance Center has been an unforgettable experience and a pure joy.

We are so proud to have the teachers and students in Gaithersburg as part of the Arthur Murray family! Thank you to Gaithersburg for sharing these wonderful student testimonials.


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