How To Be A Star At Your Own Wedding (Via Seattle)

How To Be A Star At Your Own Wedding (Via Seattle)

Yes, we know we already had a post from our Arthur Murray Seattle studio this week, but this blog from the regional website was too good to resist!

Start as early as possible.  More than one Arthur Murray Dance Studio has stories of couples who come in just days before the wedding.  It takes three to six months, depending on the complexity of the dance and how many people are in the wedding party.

Practice in the same shoes that you will be wearing at the wedding – this goes for the bride and groom.  If you learn to samba in slippers, and then get hitched in high heels, your dancing will not look or feel the same and tripping over your feet is not a good move at the reception.

If you are planning on posting the dance online, have the cameraperson tape you after you’ve got the basics down.  You don’t want to wait until the last minute to find out that the angle is wrong or that a particular move may feel great but looks awkward on the small screen.

Practice often and everywhere.  If your dance is a secret, practice another dance – the idea is to get really comfortable with moving together as a team.

Pick a few different songs or dances that you love.  Make sure your band or DJ works with you so that the music is as perfect as the dance.

If your honeymoon involves a cruise, you’ll enjoy it more if you include lessons in a variety of dance styles.  Remember that dancing together is enjoyed over many years, in many different occasions.

We’ve said it before- but it should be repeated: Learning to dance for your wedding is more than just preparing for a five minute photo / video moment at the reception. Couples who are married can look forward to the life-long rewards of dance well into their golden years. And it all begins with a phone call to your local Arthur Murray Dance Studio! 


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