“I dance to celebrate life.” Says one Greenwich Dancer!

“I dance to celebrate life.” Says one Greenwich Dancer!

The Arthur Murray Studio in Greenwich, CT is under the direction of one Christine Georgopulo, a corporate real estate development veteran turned competitive dancer.

Christine is challenging her students to tell her “Why you dance” on her website, with some remarkable results. 

Christopher Arnet of the Greenwich studio answered by saying, “I dance because in some strange way every step you take into the rhythm you begin to loose yourself, and begin to find harmony in others.”

Christopher has stepped into something rather profound here, which cuts to the core of ballroom dancing. When two students are paired together for a dance they inherently must overcome their individual furies, their egos, and as Christopher Arnet would agree- themselves. In the end we strive for the moments where it is not just two people moving in harmony together, but the dance happening by itself and the two dancers are part of it. There’s a word in the martial arts world for this type of enlightenment- Muteki, which literally translates as “no enemy”. 

A dance floor and a dojo have a lot in common in so much as both are populated by people engaged in a physical act through which they achieve a type of harmony. So we thank Christine and her students for sharing their thoughts, ever so elegantly, on why they dance. 

But the most important comment on the Greenwich site came from a student who remained anonymous.

“I dance to celebrate life. Dancing is freeing and connecting all at the same time.” – A Greenwich Fan

As we approach the new year that comment is worth considering. How are you going to celebrate life in 2012? 



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  • December 29, 2011

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