Praise for Arthur Murray in Danvers!

Praise for Arthur Murray in Danvers!

We love sharing the stories coming from all of our schools! Here’s another one which expresses something we’ve always believed- Arthur Murray means more than dance lessons, Arthur Murray is a community.

Joanne, a teacher at Arthur Murray in Danvers, received this wonderful letter last month from one of her students.

Dear Joanne,

I have been meaning for some time now to finally put something down on paper to express my immense satisfaction with both Arthur Murray of Danvers and more specifically my instructor Ana Duarte. I started lessons at your studio due in part to an agreement with my brother’s fiancé to try your free lesson and a general curiosity I’ve always had as to what lessons might be like. We enjoyed the first lesson enough that we ended up deciding to sign up for more in the hopes of learning some basic dances for an upcoming wedding. The wedding has since come and gone and as I continue to take lessons I feel as though I have taken away far more from the experience than being able to not look awkward dancing in public.
This is where I would in particular like to take the time to give Ana some much deserved praise. Ana has been able to accomplish many things, certainly not least of all teaching me that I don’t have two left feet, but more importantly has helped me to find a new level of confidence in myself. I can say without a doubt that Ana is passionate not only about the dance she teaches, but the lasting impact she makes with her students which I had the privilege of experiencing first hand. She pushes me not only to become a better dancer but also to believe in myself and take the skills I have learned and to confidently apply them wherever I go, sometimes prodding me when I need it. I came to Arthur Murray looking for some simple dance lessons, and I feel as though I came out not just a better dancer but a better person as well and part of a wonderful family of people. I have found you all to be not only knowledgeable in your craft but caring and compassionate and truly welcoming.
While this letter really can’t come close to conveying the respect and appreciation I have for everything Ana has done, I certainly hope it is a start.

Timothy Edwards

So how did Joanne respond to this wonderful email sent by Timothy Edwards?

I really like making people smile and teaching dance makes it that easy because it’s so much fun. When Tim came in, he was very quiet and I barely got a nod from him but now I see him go up to the ladies with a big smile and ask them to dance. That’s what dancing does for you.

Thank you Timothy and Ana- you’re both an inspiration!




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