Science Tells Us What Women Want

Science Tells Us What Women Want

CORAL GABLES, FL – DEC 14 Arthur Murray International congratulates Nothumbria University in Scotland for groundbreaking social research that confirms what men and women in the dance world have known for centuries: women are skilled judges of men’s dance moves as a means of judging their health, strength and attractiveness as potential mates.

“The study is fancinating to us in the dance world. By using the latest in 3D motion capture technology, these researchers drilled down to the precise moves that women identify as indicators of a good partner. This totally validates what we have told our men students for years – women love men who can dance,” said Thomas Murdock, Vice President Marketing and Promotions at Arthur Murray International, the iconic global dance organization.

This particular study, from Northumbria’s School of Life Sciences, filmed 19 male volunteers with a 3D camera as they danced to a basic rhythm. Their movements were mapped onto featureless avatars that were then presented to a group of 25 women who were asked to rate their physical attractiveness.

As it turns out, Elvis was right on target: large and varied movements involving the neck and the trunk made all the difference.

There have been many studies that have proven the power of dance when it comes to attracting women to men. What does this mean on the dance floor?

According to Murdock, popular dances that move these body parts include the Tango, which involves quick head movements, and the Salsa which uses syncopated body rhythms to express the music.

The study, led by psychologist Dr Nick Neave and researcher Kristofor McCarty, was published in the Royal Society Journal Biology Letters. Northumbria is an internationally acclaimed modern university in the heart of the historic City of Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England.

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