Too Shy To Dance? Arthur Murray in Lancaster says NO WAY!

Too Shy To Dance? Arthur Murray in Lancaster says NO WAY!

The Arthur Murray studio in Lancaster, PA has a wonderful blurb on their website that we wish to share.

“Many people are interested in learning to dance, but are too shy to actually get started…”

A lot of folks who walk into a dance studio for the first time are worried about getting the steps wrong. What’s easily forgotten in these situations is that they should not be worried about getting the steps wrong- they WILL get the steps wrong. At first. One becomes a student when one desires to master something, the point of being in a dance studio with a teacher is that you have not yet mastered dance! The teachers expect students to make mistakes, students who “get the steps wrong” are students who are learning! 

The only sure fire way to never make a mistake is to never try something. Students who flub a step in the Tango or miss the cue at a competition would never have made those mistakes from the couch at home.

And even if you take lessons for years and you feel like you’re dancing badly (think Betty Hutton in “The Fleets In” circa 1942 by Paramount) ? You’re still dancing. And in the end you won’t remember the steps you got wrong because the steps you get right are the one’s that truly matter.  

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  • January 3, 2012

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