Why Franchise with Arthur Murray you Say?

Why Franchise with Arthur Murray you Say?

Why Arthur Murray?
“In business for yourself but not in business by yourself.”

  • Over 100 years of teaching the world dance
  • A proven Dance Syllabus with ongoing support
  • Association with largest Global Dance Chain – nearly 200 strong unique student sales tracking
  • A custom computer information system
  • National advertising and marketing programs
  • Bulk purchasing rates on all Arthur Murray materials
  • Worldwide name recognition
  • New product development
  • Assistance in legislative matters
  • Recognizable and protected trademarks and logos
  • Corporate web site with linking capability
  • Movie, music and broadway show affiliation
  • Access to established business and dance consultants
  • A network of people to plug into for assistance
  • Established and respected Awards System
  • Staff incentive programs

What are the terms of the Arthur Murray’s Franchise Agreement?

The full details of Arthur Murray’s Franchise Agreement are set forth in our Offering Curricular. In general, Arthur Murray has a two (2) year Franchise Agreement with a five (5) year renewal option. The royalty fees are 5% of gross sales for the initial six (6) month period, 6% for the second six (6) months, 7% for the third (3) six month period and then 8% thereafter of total gross sales.

What does Arthur Murray require for the initial Franchise Fee?

Your initial Franchise Fee ranges from $12,000 to $100,000, depending upon the population within your market area and whether or not you have been a dance instructor at an Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studio. Prospects who have worked within the Arthur Murray system need not pay any additional fees.

How do I find out which geographical areas are available?

Included in your initial correspondence with Arthur Murray International, Inc. you will need to indicate which National or International city you are interested in.

How much is the initial investment for securing an Arthur Murray franchise location?

The estimated initial investment required ranges from $33,700 to $220,000

Does Arthur Murray International, Inc. offer any financial assistance?

Arthur Murray does not offer direct or indirect financing. We do not guarantee your note, lease or obligation. For your information, our Franchisees are eligible for expedited and streamlined Small Business Administration loan processing through the SBA’s Franchise Registry Program. Go to www.franchiseregistry.com for more information.

Do I receive training from Arthur Murray International, Inc.?

Yes, Franchisees must attend a Franchisee Training School within their first (1st) year of operation. This training school is fully run and operated by AMII with no training fees involved. Further, throughout the year there are numerous Area and Regional training programs. Due to the nature of the dance business, outside top dance consultants are available to travel to your studio location for further one on one instruction. This cost, however, is incurred by your studio.

Can I sell my Arthur Murray Franchise?

Yes, you can sell your Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studio to a qualified buyer that has been approved by AMII. Currently, there is not a transfer fee for administrative, legal and training expenses, although we do reserve the right to charge a fee in the future.

Regarding the operation of my franchise, what further guidance will Arthur Murray International, Inc. provide?

Upon opening, you will receive several manuals outlining the guidelines for your day to day operations. Arthur Murray has also developed a customized computer program offered for a nominal fee; Regional and Area Training Programs, field support from dedicated Franchise Relations Representatives; Advertising and Marketing guidance and resources for your promotional, operational and other business needs.

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