Dance-O-Rama Events!

Dance-O-Rama Events!

The Dance-O-Rama is a weekend of fun activities where students compete, watch competitions, attend cocktail parties, banquets and see outstanding Professional Dance S hows. Special awards are presented to the Top Student in each standard. The highest placing instructors and school receive trophies based on the students performance. Also, there are Professional Dance Competitions with prize money for their placements.

Superama and World Dance-O-Rama are considered to be the most prestigious Dance-O-Ramas of the year. The format is the same as Dance-O-Rama, but on a larger scale. The competitions and attendance is from all over the world and are the most spectacular affairs organized by Arthur Murray International, Inc. for the Arthur Murray Dance Studios.

  • by Arthur Murray
  • posted at 3:28 pm
  • April 18, 2011

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