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They say that dance is a great way to express your emotions. While this may sound like such a cliché, the quote seems to have endured throughout the years mainly because there’s truth to it. It’s wise to choose an activity that encourages you to express your very own creativity. Now it all boils down to that one question: So you think you can dance? Definitely! And that’s because there’s a style available for anyone who wants to overcome the problem with their two left feet. As you glide across the expanse of the ballroom, you can now let your innermost emotions shine forth with a step that is truly representative of whom you are as a person. There are several styles to choose from and you need to know how each dance is unique from the other.

bolero The Bolero is the most romantic of the Latin dances. Taking cues from the Rumba and the Waltz, the Bolero has distinct characteristics of long sweeping side steps and use of rise and fall to create both softness and dramatic movement.
chacha To learn the Cha Cha is to love the Cha Cha. Sharp staccato actions, rhythm changes and exciting patterns are just some of the fun aspects of this dance. The Cha Cha is one of the most popular Latin dances and allows you to cut loose and let your personality show.
foxtrot Of all the Ballroom dances, the Foxtrot embodies the ultimate in movement and polish. From the very first steps in Bronze level, a dancer will feel themselves transform as they master the control of the easy Foxtrot.
hustle Originating in the 1970s, the Hustle continues to be one of the most popular nightclub dances today. Turns, spins and wraps are components of the Hustle. The strong base beat of the music makes for an exciting and upbeat movement.
merengue The simplicity of the Merengue makes it the perfect 'Party dance'! The march type beat helps dancers keep a steady timing so they can interect with their partner. Walking and side steps are the basic foot components of the Merengue and therefore more freedom is allowed in creating fun patterns on the floor and animated arm styling.
quickstep As you learn the quickstep you will soon understand why this speedy dance is the light-hearted favorite of all accomplished dancers.
rumba The Rumba will sharpen your sense of rhythm, timing and muscular control. Working off the actions of the Cha Cha, the slower rhythm of the Rumba allows for dancers to develop the distinctive hip action of Latin dances called Cuban Motion.
salsa & bachata The Salsa is the unique blending of traditional Latin music and dance steps with the freedom of turning actions. The Bachata has simple footwork that is easy to do and can be danced to many different styles of music.  Both are great nightclub dances and a must for Latin social dancing.
samba A street Festival dance that originated in Brazil, the Samba combines Latin rhythms with a light bouncing action. To achieve the true character of the Samba, a dancer must give it a happy, flirtatious and exuberant interpretation.
swing The most uniquely American of all dances, the swing brings forth a buoyant carefree movement that is contagious. Swing may be danced comfortably over a wide range of tempos and variations. The lively spirit and bounce of the Swing gets everyone on their feet to join in.
tango No other dance captures the dramatic strength and romance of the relationship between partners like the Tango. Accented by strong staccato movements, the challenge of this dance makes it as exciting to perform as it is to watch.
viennese waltz The classical dance from the ballrooms of Vienna remains one of the most enchanting & exhilarating dances. While the patterns remain pure, the technique requires even more of the dancer as they strive to capture the graceful qualities of this dance.
waltz Romantic melodies epitomize the grace and poise of the Waltz. This dance will develop mastery of sway, rise & fall, balance and control-concepts essential to experiencing the true joy of any ballroom dance.
mambo The Mambo is a high energy Latin dance where the music is characterized by a stirring Afro-Cuban beat. As a parent of the Cha Cha and Salsa, the Mambo is an exciting dance that includes crisp leg actions, flirtatious interactions with your partner and a fun intensity.
country western Country Western dancing takes familiar patterns and rhythms and puts a new twist on their style. There are several dances that are danced to Country Western music, each with its own unique style and timing. You will enjoy learning the gliding action of the Country Western dances.

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